Chocolett is a Mexican Artist in the United States who focuses her time making art/designing cute merchandise, taking pictures of her cats and being a mom. Her inspiration often comes from her love of nature, cute animals and her children. She hopes to one day inspire her kids to be themselves and follow their passions as well as inspire more Latina women to run their own businesses. 
This business began around 2018. Where she was a young first time mom she wanted to help the family financially and had extra time on her hands being a sahm. With the motivation and help from her husband, Chocolett taught herself skills and practiced art and design, something that brought a lot of joy in her life and began the journey as a simple Etsy shop owner, at first selling original paintings and little hand crafted items such as embroidered tote bags and clay goods. With time it grew to cater more towards stationery, cute accessories, plushies and even apparel along with many other things to bring a bit of joy to people around the world.