Looking for Wholesale?

Chocolett offers cute accessories, stationery, and apparel and we would love to be a part of your shop!

Now Available in Faire! https://chocolett.faire.com for easier ordering, But if you do not have a Faire account please feel welcomed to fill out the sheet below with your information.

Please take a look at the sheet below for pricing and refer to my listings on the website for what is currently available. Before inquiring please inform me of the following:

-Tell me about your shop! 

-Please make a list of the items you're interested in and quantities

-Please make sure the minimum order is of 150 usd. 

-Email/Phone Number

Once I receive your inquiry I will double check if your requested items specific quantities are available and give you a final quote with shipping :)  

If you're looking for specific items not mentioned on the wholesale sheet, do still let me know and I can see if those items can fit a wholesale price. (deskmats, apparel, etc)