Welcome to the FAQ's page for Chocolett! If you cannot find an answer to your question, don't be afraid to send me an email by filling out the contact section below. Please remember that Chocolett is a one person show so it might take me a few business days to get back to you. But I'm always doing my best <3 

UK and EU customers can shop Chocolett at Etsy. 

Etsy shop 🌸(https://www.etsy.com/shop/Chocolett ) Etsy helps with the VAT charges ahead of time to ensure your package arrives safely and with no problems or delays and stays within tax regulations. 

International Customers are in charge of Customs and Fees. Any country that has fees and/or Customs is due by the customer. I’m not responsible for delays due to customs.  

What are pre-order items?

Pre-orders are items that have been manufactured or ordered but have not yet been made or have arrived. Since a good bulk of my items are manufactured sometimes it can take weeks to a few months for the items to get to me, so delivery can take a little while. A pre-order is basically a purchase ahead of time before the product arrives. 

When will my order be shipped ?

On a normal week I try to stick to a schedule of mail drop-offs every Tuesday and Friday, so about 1 to 4 days, unless there is a larger influx of orders, it can take me 1-2 weeks to complete since I usually pack by myself. 

Can I get a refund for my order?

I will gladly do a refund if your order showed up damaged and there is proof provided and you would not like a replacement. Refund is limited to the item value and will not include shipping. 

If a replacement has been mailed and for another unfortunate event that causes damage to the replacement is committed, I'll be unable to send a third replacement, you're welcomed to contact me for a discount code for future products. 

International refunds will have with a 10% fee taken out and it will not include shipping. Unfortunately orders leaving outside of the United States have a higher chance of being lost in transit. 

I received the wrong item in my order what should I do?

Since I am a solo human person I am bound to make mistakes here and there. Please contact me as soon as possible with picture of what you received and I will go ahead and replace the item. You're totally welcomed to keep what you accidentally received. If the item is out of stock I will have to issue a refund unfortunately :(

Why didn't I receive tracking for my order?

If you only ordered stickers and postcard, and its 4 or less items, the order will be shipped as a stamped letter to keep shipping cost low. If it's 5 or more stickers/postcards, it will be tracked.  

I never received my package what should I do? 

Since I am a small business I am not responsible for lost or stolen orders from tracked deliveries. Once I have handed the package off to the carrier it is out of my hands and you should contact the carrier and report it.

Untracked letter mail that is less than 10usd I am okay replacing myself the first time. 

If it's due to Incorrect address by the time you placed the order and you did not double check or make contact (and I have already shipped the package) I will be needing you to re-order </3 :(

Do you accept returns/ exchanges ? 

Due to the nature of Covid-19 and the usual small and limited at hand products as a small business, I do not currently accept returns or exchanges (this includes apparel) Please double check item description or email me any questions if you're looking for more information about an item. 

Can I cancel my order? 

If I have yet to ship your order and there is no tracking I will of course do a cancellation. 

Is your packaging eco-friendly? 

I stick to not creating too much waste or overconsumption, so items will not come wrapped or with any fancy packaging that isn't necessary for a safe delivery. I stick with manufacturer packaging if its practical and like to be very minimalistic. There is plastic from time to time but I try my best to put everything in the same plastic or use paper. 



If you're sending an email regarding an order, please include the order number and what you have ordered so I can easily find it.