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(Pre-Order) Matilda Chicken Plush

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$38.00 USD

Matilda is a round, soft and stiff kind of squishy 12in x 12in chönkster ready to be your pillow and chicken friend. Please squish and punch around (or fluff up in the dryer) and give 24 hours for Matilda to fluff up once it arrives home since it will be pretty wonky from transit once it arrives. 

Washing Machine/ Dryer safe, please wash with lights and whites to avoid staining. 



-pre-orders are mailed with any additional items, please place a separate order if you would like your separate items to arrive sooner. 

Pre-Orders will be fulfilled late Spring 2023 (April-May)

This is an estimate and not a for sure date. Plushies could arrive earlier or later than this predicted date.

If you ordered internationally please expect your order to arrive around June or July 2023. You will be in charge of your country’s customs and fees once the order arrived to its general destination.

If you have any questions of an address update please contact me at or fill out the contact section in the FAQs.

Since these are pre-orders there will be no refunds

This plush is NOT a toy and is suitable for 14+ as a collectible item. :3 


Customer Reviews

Based on 57 reviews
Gustavo Ramirez
Life changing bird part 2

This is just a continuation of my maple brown chicken review, I remembered wanting our lord and savior Matilda but I missed the drop, so when heard there was going to be a restocking I immediately hopped on, and Matilda was so worth the wait, the build quality is immaculate and she’s fluffier than actual clouds.
I would give this review 6 stars if I could, and I would buy an army of Matilda’s but one can only dream.

Lenjisa Dawano

I wanted a chonker of a chicken and what arrived at my door was CHONKER OF A CHICKEN

Valerie Douglas
Matilda is perfect in every way

She was a gift for my partner and brightened up his day. She has the right amount of fluff for cuddling and has a fun bounce if you drop her on the floor.

Makinzee Cortes

Really cute and well made!


I missed the intial run of the Matilda plushes, but I bought both the brown and white chicken plushes as soon as they were restocked! Very cute, a little wrinkly, but I'll fix that before I gift to my friend for her birthday ♥️