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Matilda Chicken Plush

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$38.00 USD
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$38.00 USD

Matilda is a round, soft and stiff kind of squishy 12in x 12in chönkster ready to be your pillow and chicken friend. Please squish and punch around (or fluff up in the dryer) and give 24 hours for Matilda to fluff up once it arrives home since it will be pretty wonky from transit once it arrives. 

If you ordered internationally please be aware that time of delivery will be very long as the plush makes its way over to me and then over to you. It can take up to 3+ months to arrive, You will also be responsible for your countries customs fees and/or VAT charges. 

Pre-Orders generally take 3-4 months to complete and arrive over to me , please keep that in mind when placing a pre-order plush. 

-pre-orders are mailed with any additional items, please place a separate order if you would like your items to arrive sooner. 

Since the plushie is mostly hand made from overseas there will be slight differences in measurements by a few mms here and there but not enough that it changes the design. 

This plush is NOT a toy and is suitable for 14+ as a collectible item. :3 

Customer Reviews

Based on 51 reviews
Sarah Lengwenat-Cordsen
Amazing Plush

Came exactly as the pictures showed. It’s very fluffy and cute. Fully recommend!

So Perfect

I love them! So squishy and well made, it's on my couch <3

Best Chimken

Absolutely wonderful quality and a huge cuddle stuffy to have. It’s firm in holding shape which is great but it’s not too firm you can’t flop on it as a pillow!

Kathryn Kleiser

Matilda Chicken Plush

C. W.
Best Purchase!

Been waiting to afford one and now I got one! Squishy Chonky Lovable Chicken!