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Mocha Cow Plush

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$35.00 USD

Mocha is a fluffy brown and white baby cow, he’s super soft, 12 inches long and cuddly and has his legs stretched out as if taking a giant leap. He’s new to this world so he’s still learning, he’s definitely shy and a little frightful of loud noises and new things so take it easy on him as he learns about all the wonderful things life has to offer. 

CARE: Spot clean preferred but will do okay in the washing machine. Definitely do not place in a dryer and air dry instead as the fluffy material does not do good with heat and will create a sort of Sherpa texture and it won’t be as soft (this has been tested I am quite sad at the result lol) 


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Halisa Higheagle

I couldn't resist buying this cow plush. The face is so cute and I love the shape. the little bell is a nice touch too. 😊


So soft and squishy!!! I love even the little details like the red bow and the cute brown spot on the side 😆

Leeanna Miles
So cute!

I love this soft little cow!

Ian Perley
So soft, so fluffy!

This Mocha Cow Plush is incredible, impossibly soft and cuddly, you'll fall in love at first sight and first touch! Gorgeous and well made, don't be afraid of giving this amazing cow companion many huge hugs!

Eliana Holiday
Lovely plushie

Very cute, fluffy, and soft. I love hugging it